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  • Shopping for Home Organizing Products – What Retailers Aren’t Telling You Ever bought some home organizing products that you didn’t need? Here’s how that happened and how to buy the ones you do need next time… The truth is walk-in retailers are setting you up—everyone of them from the home goods retailers to the supermarket. They know things like your emotions and senses drive sales a lot ... continue reading
  • Get Organized Now – A 5 Day Plan to Kick Off Your Organizational Goals Did you vow to get organized this year? If you haven’t started, don’t let guilt and procrastination overshadow your resolution. Instead use this plan. You can complete one of these tasks a day (or one per weekend). GET ORGANIZED GOAL FOR DAY 1: Evaluate your wardrobe. Rid yourself of daily wear clothing that no longer fits ... continue reading
  • One Reason You Can’t Get Organized at Home So you think that you really want to get organized at home. You’ve watched every home organization show on television. You’ve read all the home organizing books and newsletters—so much so that you feel you could write them. Yet you still can’t you get organized at home? Could it be that… …you’re looking for a unique organizing ... continue reading
  • What Does Organizing Your Home Really Mean? Organizing your home means being able to find your stuff when you want it (not an hour later). It means not tripping over clutter in your home. Organization is the process of developing routines and systems to give every item that deserves a place in your home a designated spot. Home organization is not a ... continue reading
  • Home Organizing – Where Do You Start? Home organizing is big business these days. Hundreds of professional organizers globally offer services to help homeowners get organized. Books with home organizing tips and systems are practically falling off crowded bookstore shelves. And online and walk-in retail stores sell hundreds, perhaps thousands, of organizational gadgets, storage bins and containers month after month. Shouldn’t you ... continue reading
  • 9 Simple Strategies for Home Organization Home organization means being able to find your stuff when you need it, not after an hour or more of searching. However, home organization doesn’t necessarily mean you’re neat or clean. It doesn’t even mean you’re not a pack rat. Home organization just means everything has a place and you know where that place is ... continue reading
  • Curb Clutter at Home Using These 10 Guidelines Did you vow to get organized at home this year? Start meeting your home organization goals by getting rid of items in your home that you don’t need. That way you’ll be able to see (perhaps literally) which items remain that you do need to organize at home. Think you NEED to keep everything that’s ... continue reading
  • Home Organization Tips for Procrastinators Even procrastinators can accomplish home organization tasks using a few simple tips and tricks. If you tend to procrastinate when it comes to home organizing, you could be procrastinating for many reasons such as these: Lack of time – You don’t feel you have a day or a week to devote to organizing anything right now ... continue reading
  • What Two Words Will Double the Space in Your Home Just two words and a bit of explanation about them will help you to double, maybe even triple, the space in your home now. Those two words are Go vertical. Let me tell you what I mean by that phrase. FUNCTION FIRST, LOOKS SECOND That means that when you buy bookcases or other types of furnishing with ... continue reading
  • Clutter Control – 11 Tips to Clear Clutter in Your Home Does clutter creep up on you and your home? Before you know it all the kitchen counters, dresser tops and end tables are home to all kinds of miscellaneous family items. You even have to clear the dining room table to eat on it. Take back your home with these clutter control ideas to ensure ... continue reading
  • Just 4 Easy Steps to Clear Clutter at Home (That Anyone Can Do) I love home clutter. (Not.) I like searching for my keys, eyeglasses, bills due (fill in the blank) every day. How else would I rather spend my time? Okay…enough teasing. You get the point. Spend 15 minutes today organizing one task or clutter pile and you’ll save hours (not minutes) annually—hours that you can spend having ... continue reading
  • Clear Your Clutter to Get Organized You can’t organize what you use daily, or even store what you use seasonally, if you can’t part with the “useless” clutter first. Having any clutter serves no good purpose and detracts from most people’s peace of mind. But let’s assume that you do have some useful clutter. By that I mean, you have an ... continue reading
  • 9 Things You Must Know or Do When Buying Home Organizing Products Don’t just go shopping for any home organizing products. Plan! You can determine what you’re looking for even if you don’t know exactly what it looks like. Here are the do’s and don’ts of shopping to meet your home organizing product needs: USAGE - You don’t ever want to buy a home organizing product without knowing ... continue reading
  • 8 Myths Blocking You From Having an Organized Home The truth is that the only obstacle stopping you from getting organized at home is you. It’s not family members, it’s not the absence of cash and it’s not a lack of home organizational know-how. Read onward as I uncover eight myths now that are blocking you from having an organized home. Then with that out ... continue reading